Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Delicate Flower

This post is dedicated to my friend, the Delicate Flower, Chris!

My Baby Girl will defend her to anyone who gets in the way. If you pick on Chris, BG will take you down with her stares alone. If you are mean to Chris, you better just back up!

So, the other afternoon when we were out to lunch with her I took the opportunity to get this:

It is now printed and in Baby Girl's room and another copy headed to Chris'

In the process, I got this which made me laugh on SO many levels:

Chris looks like she is having more fun on the kiddie train than BG!

And don't forget the Baby Boy and his bestie because "she is my teeeeeeechur!"

But then...while I flip thru the photos taken that day, I had to post this one. Why? Because for those of you who know will know this. That smile on her face... real!

And the best part is his.


Anonymous said...

I love it:) I am just sad I missed it!!!!

bec said...


Andrea said...

Awww...i'm sad i missed it too. ANd she's rockin the little girl dress, huh? What did she wear with hers?