Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Might Never See Him Again

Next month I will have been with Hubs for 13 years.

Yes I realize since I'm only 21 that's almost half my life, but bear with me here.

In all those 13 years of birthdays and Christmases I have only ever heard him (jokingly halfway) say that he wanted a 2-man boat.

Not a "real" boat (in my book anyway) but this little 2-man thing that I'm quite sure would sink immediately upon my entrance into the thing.

My Father-in-law assures me that it can hold people "much" bigger than I.

I will not be finding out.

So, since Hubs will be graduating with his Leadership & Ministry degree in a few short days, my FIL decided to get him one. Now, I have known he had it hidden in his shop for months now, but this weekend was the perfect timing for Hubs to have his truck already down there (to kill some browns, no less) and receive his gift and bring it back.

Johnny gave him an....ANCHOR TIE! What? This is my graduation gift?

But of course, it was really for this!

Named this...

And full of this...

See...I'm so up on my boat jargon.

These 2 men love each other and I'm so very glad that they are so close.

Can't tell which one was prouder, Can you?


Andrea said...

I think he should call it "The Billie" and spray paint that in pretty colors on the side!!! :)

Hubs said...

I'm gonna call the "Silly Row" in honor of her!

Andrea said...