Friday, November 20, 2009

An Interview with the Captain

I recorded this on my phone the other day to make sure I got it right. Baby Girl began to tell this story to me and I asked if she could repeat it all.

BG: Hi, my name is Baby Girl and my mom wants me to tell y'all about this.

Me: So, BG, tell us what we are here to learn about.

BG: I run the Bunny Scout Group and I am the Captain. (of course!)

Me: Who is all in the Bunny Scout Group, or the BSG?

BG: (Tells the list of girls in her class...there are 6 in all.)

Me: What do you do in the BSG?

BG: First we come together and say the pledge of allegiance (note, the only time they have to do whatever they want is at recess, so picture this...) and then we put all of our hands together in a circle and I say '1-2-3' and we take our hands down and shout 'Go Bunny Scout Team!"

Me: Fascinating.

BG: Then, we must go on our assignments.

Me: What are your assignments?

BG: Our goal is to keep the Earth healthy.

Me: Like?

BG: Picking up trash around the playground and putting it into the trash cans. Basically, keeping the Earth healthy.

Me: What else does the BSG do to keep the earth healthy?

BG: Well, we just basically keep the Earth healthy, ya know.

Me: Ok...anything besides picking up trash?

BG: Well, we pick up trash and keep the Earth healthy. OH, and if we see a plant that is laying down, we will go and dig a hole around it, a small one, and we put it in there and put it in with all the rocks and dirt!

Me: Awesome.

BG: ...and worms.

So for all you folks out there who are refusing to go "green" out for the BSG coming to a city near you.


Alison said...

So basically...the keep the Earth healthy? LOL!!!! Oh my lands!

I bet all the really want is "world peace" as well (name that movie).

Billie said...

Uh...totally Miss Congeniality