Thursday, July 29, 2010

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams are Made of...

...There's nothing you can't do.


I'm getting to see New York thru a different set of eyes this year.

I have had the privilege of seeing New York many different ways in my life, but 3 were my favorite.

MY very first time.
My sweet Belle's very first time.
And now, their first time:

The one to my left is my best friend, Tammy. To my right is Tammy's friend of 20 years, Ann (a pistol in her own right) who is 62. In front of us is Tammy's momma, who is 73.

And they are all getting to see this for the first time. And it is the MOST fun! The memories and the stories could let us sit here all day and laugh until we cried.

Or even tinkled a little.

Seriously...I thought Ann was going to get us killed.

But Nana Shirley has put it best: "I never dreamed I would get to see this and I am enjoying every single minute of it."

Me too, Nana. Me too!

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