Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Good Friends and Pre-Arranged Marriages

Me and this young man go back.


Back to when he actually had long hair.

We've had 15 years of losing touch and reconnecting. But I think now, we just might be bound forever.

Why do you ask?

Because of this...

Introducing, quite possibly, my future daughter-in-law. They were pretty serious almost instantly. Even to the point where when she was following him out of the hallway and I said, "Hey, sweet girl!" he turned around and in a very low and booming voice said, "NO, SHE'S MY SWEET GIRL!"


He would go and get her drinks for her and hug her and apparently when he rode home with them even tried to display his stellar sense of humor by telling her knock-knock jokes.

They did the trick from what I hear.

Look here...they can even be silly together. Always a requirement in my book!

But until the dowries are exchanged and they go off on their honeymoon, one thing is still a constant...

My family loves these two and are happy to call them friends but even blessed to call them family!


Alison said...

Precious! Lukey needs a tan though....LOL!!!

bec said...

Ring Bearer!!!