Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wait Just One Cotton-Pickin' Minute Here...

So I'm FINALLY about done editing this massive wedding set I have and I stumble across this photo of my precious ones as the flower girl and ring bearer:

Excuse me? What has happened to my children? Who got my signed permission slip to allow them to do this?!?!?

Do you see it? That's unfortunate. Because that causes me to have to dig into my archives. ONLY tears and a snotty keyboard can be the result of such digging.

Maybe this pic will give you some stark contrast:

Or even this:

I think I need to run home and hug them on my lunch.

And find the remote control with the ginormous rewind button...

PS: Alison reminded me that you have to click here now.


Alison said...

Oh my lands....that last one makes me laugh...I can just hear the laughter.

bec said...

Um, yeah...I need that pic in an 8x10, like NOW!