Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Conversation with Luke

This Morning we a very important conversation that anyone who knows him just might bust the button on your pants when you realize how serious this conversation actually was to him.

Me: Luke, are you gonna get married?

Luke: Yup. Just kidding. No.

Me: Who's gonna cook for you?

Luke: Well...I AM!!!

Me: You gonna be a bachelor?

Luke: Yup.

Me: What's a bachelor?

Luke: Someone who cooks.

Me: What you gonna be when you grow up?

Luke: I'm gonna work where Daddy works.

Me: What are you gonna do at work?

Luke: I'm gonna talk on the phone, and work on the computer, and drive the golf cart.

Me: What are you gonna spend your money on when you get paid?

Anyone who knows him...get ready for this....

Luke: The machines at the Mexican restaurants!


Dude, I will not pay your bills for you so you can sport a fuzzy moustace and eat some bone candy till your heart's content! I refuse.

(This photo has nothing to do with the conversation other than this was before he could sweet talk his Momma real good. Plus, I love tihs old pic.)

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Andrea said...

LOLOLOLOL...i love him more every single day!