Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Annie Oakley

That's her name.

You see...all she has wanted since she could talk was pink gun. And when you have a dad and Grandpa that breathe hunting and fishing weather it's in season or out of season, you can pretty much guarantee the desire is never really going to leave.

So, for Christmas 2 years ago my father-in-law got her the gift of her dreams. A pink .22 Cricket gun. The thing is, she's been too young/scared to shoot it! But not this past weekend. The setting was perfect. Her Uncle Stacey, who also happens to breath from gills and bleed deer blood, was gonna be there and the boys were going to bask in their manness and do some work on the hunting lease.

Now...when she first started out there with it, her Grandpa was using the time to fully explain all rules and pointers and just basically all the things you need to know to protect yourself with the cute little NONTOY gun.

My ever cautious child listened so intently.

My proudasapeacock FIL beamed from ear to ear. And acutally...I caught a glimpse of a tear at one point. But you gotta understand...he only ever had boys. Then I came along and ROCKED HIS WORLD and he was never the same. Except I never took to the hunting thing. Don't get me wrong, I'll go with them, but I'm pretty bored after I see the pretty deer running away from me. So to have a girl to train, in his very own words, "was an honor and priviledge".

After a few shots and learning the ropes, my FIL changed her name. To Annie Oakley! It's a single shot gun and she was shooting, emptying, reloading and cocking all by herself in no time.

And she only missed the targets twice in both days!

This was her 2nd target. Look how close! Get it, girl!

She even had a little attitude with it! And that is why even despite the fact that this picture is great in color, I felt the need to make it very old western to fit her new name.

However, I'm pretty sure Annie didn't wear a bedazzled tank top.

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