Friday, September 17, 2010

A Fight

I've been in fights before.

There's been situations all my life that I have had to fight thru.
An abusive childhood.
Excelling in school.
Fighting for my marriage.
Fighting for a child.
Fighting depression trying to creep in.
Ending relationships that took life from me.
Fighting my yo-yo weight.
Fighting influences.

But nothing has been this hard:
"Don't be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes." ~Nehemiah 4:14

Since this is a scrapbook for my kids, I needed to post this.

Baby Girl...I'm fighting for you!

You amaze me! I have watched you be so much more mature than any other almost 8 year old I've ever seen. There are times that I don't even realize you are a kid by the way you talk...the way your mind works and the things that God manifests in you. Thru you. Even to me, sometimes. You have so pierced so many peoples hearts and lives that you have forever effected them. You have left such an impression on all of the staff at your old school that they write you and call you and visit you! I have even had a few reports that when some of them get together at lunch or in the hallways, they even talk about you and how wonderful you are and how they hope you are doing well at your new school. And you did all that on your own! It wasn't because they knew me or your dad or your brother and by default liked you.

It was all you!

And you are so stinkin smart! And I'm not just a momma tootin her kiddos horn here, baby. Your testing out on a 4th almost 5th grade level. You're one smart cookie! And I'm so grateful for that. I've been so proud of you for having the confidence and courage always be a step above.

You are an amazing girl for God! You don't know this, but your Bible Study teacher told me that a new girl who is 3 years older than you told her this the other night: "That girl is smart! I don't know how she is in school, but she knows about God!" And to see you trying to put God in the proper place in your life and remind me where he needs to be in mine blows me away!

But right now, I'm fighting for you. I hear what these kids are trying to do to your your emotions and the momma bear wants to come out in me. I want to kick someone...HARD! But instead, my biggest weapon is to pray for you. To fight against Satan and the plan he has to steal, kill and destroy you.

He. Will. Not. WIN!

You are mine, but most importantly you are His! And I want to replace the lies with truth right here...right now...for you:

You are beautiful outside.
You are beautiful inside.
You are smart.
You are funny.
You are a true joy to be around.
You amaze me every day.
Your smile is the cutest thing I've ever seen.
Your freckles make me wrinkle my nose and try to be as cute as you.
You are grace.
You are faith.
Your eyes can reach to the depths of my heart.
You have the most beautiful singing voice!
You have a way of encouraging and making people smile.
You are mine.
You are His!

I love you.


Kelly said...

And we love her too! Praying for sweet Belle.

Hannah said...

This is great Billie!

Mandy said...

We are praying for her too!

Kelsey said to tell her that she thinks that picture of her when she was little is soooo cute!