Monday, September 13, 2010

Not Your Typical Company Picnic

I've been with my company for going on 12 years now. I'm very thankful to work for a wonderful place that makes a way (and gives the desire) to want to stick around and even move up around here. I have said this before but it would take A LOT for me to leave here since I absolutely love what I do.

In my early years they used to give us a company picnic at a local park. They would supply food and drinks and snacks and little carnival-y type things to do like jumpy castles and dunking booths and things like that. Well, 2 years ago they uped the ante and gave us all tickets to a local themepark.

This year, they uped it again...majorly! You see, they rented Magic Springs just for us! Seriously. It was closed to the public! We could even bring friends (for a small fee) and of course our immediate family. All. For. Free! We had unlimited sodas all around the park and even an all-u-can-eat meal complete with desserts!

Hubs couldn't go, so we gave his ticket to one of My Baby Girl's friends. A couple of friends couldn't go at the last minute so we gave their tickets to my Tammy and her grandson and we headed out.

The weather was absolutely perfect! It had rained all night and all morning and we were a tad worried, but it stopped before we got there and stayed overcast almost the entire time. We couldn't have asked for better!

And to top it off...not a single fight or meltdown (well...until we told them the park was closing). Score!

I'll post more pics on FB, but here are just a few from our uberfun "picnic". Disclaimer: I only had my girl's little pink Kodak point-and-shoot so please ignore the photo quality :-)

Four VERY excited kids!

Here is 2 years ago just for this momma's reference...

This little ride was pretty stinkin awesome! And the wipeouts were hilarious. My Baby Boy even got up on his knees and surfed (but of course the camera was not with me at the time he did)

That would be my baby boy in the 2nd lane. He was much more fearless about everything than I bet he woulda been.

I rode the kiddieville rides with him while Tammy took the bigger ones. When we were on this one he said, "I need a picture with my girlfreen!" So, here we are.

Here the 3 big ones are on The Plummit Summit. Now, 2 years ago, My Baby Girl would have never even thought of riding something like this. But by the time we left she had rode just about anything that would go upside down, twist or fly! Well...except the xCoaster but I can't blame her on that one. Destiny was the only one who did and called it "a nightmare". But all in all, I would say all of her fears are gone! She even outrode the boy!

The girls were stoked about this one! Cam...notsomuch

As I was flipping thru the pics I stumbled across this:

I didn't take it. And the kids never stopped long enough to even THINK about a camera. Then, I turned to the cluprit.

"Baby Boy...did you take this pic?"

"Yup. Girls."

Help me!


Mandy said...

Awww, so glad Destiny got to go with Belle. How exciting for her! Lukey cracks me up!!!!!!!! You are in for soooo much more with that boy!

Alison said...

Hate we missed it but glad Tammy and Cameron got to go! Watching Luke go down that water slide makes my heart jump a little!

I guess the best I can say is I'm glad it was girls and not boys Luke was taking pictures of...kid is a handful and a half! LOL!

Kelly said...

Luke makes me smile....always! Love him!

That picture from 2 years ago hurt my heart to look at! Sweet things!

Glad you had fun!