Thursday, September 30, 2010

Drawing Back My Bow

Today just makes me realize more that I'm one step closer to one day letting go.
Today just makes me realize more that I'm doing my job and doing it well.
Today just makes me realize more that God has an amazing purpose for her.
Today just makes me realize more that my miracle baby isn't a baby anymore.

Today my Baby Girl turns 8 years old. When did this happen? Sheesh!

I looked back and found these you can click on: 5 years old, 6 years old, and 7 years old. Wow.

I could waller all around in the "my baby can't be growing up", but I just can't do that. She is AMAZING! I don't want her to rewind knowing and seeing who she is and has become.

Well...maybe we could rewind just a little and let me make that paintbrush hairdo just one more time.

You have never heard of the paintbrush hairdo? Let me enlighten you before we move on:

Now I feel we can proceed.

It is easy to be a proud Momma and toot your own kids horn. But when I have people who aren't daily part of her life or our lives giving testimony as to how special she is or how she has touched their hearts or effected their lives, you can't help but be humbled and stand in awe by what God has given you!

The other day the janitor from her old school asked if she could come by and see Baby Girl. When she got there she gave her gifts and donuts and a card. The card was signed by all of Baby Girl's teachers and staff that she loved so much at Ida Burns. The janitor then told me that she and the principal were talking about how they just love all kids but there is something so special about mine that gets into people's hearts.

How do you take that as a Momma? Well, once I was done crying I took that as realizing what God is gifting her with. Her life...her personality...can speak to hearts.

It made me remember something. When she was younger and had just been saved she decided that when she grew up she was going to "be the next Beth Moore and Mandisa".

Looks like we are on our way.

Every year on her birthday I try to look back and see where she has come thru during that year. And this year, my friends, has stretched her. And what the Devil set out to use to destroy her, God is making beauty from. And last night as I was tucking her in bed and discussing this very thing...that Satan's purpose for every believer is to steal, kill and destroy...she spoke this:

"In Jesus name, get thee behind me, Satan!"

And I've realized...he is scared of her. My 8 year old girl has Satan shaking in his boots.

Satan is scared.
I am in awe.
God is so proud.

So as one year more ticks away and I watch my beautiful girl bloom even more and more and I am forced to further draw back my bow in the anticipation of one day letting it go, all I can do is rejoice in who she is and what God is doing with her. Why would I ever want (in truth) to rewind? She is amazing!


Because Satan is scared.
Because I am in awe.
Because God is so proud.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! I am honored to be your Momma.


Kelly said...

I've never seen that paintbrush hairdo picture before. HOW DARN CUTE!!

Happy birthday Belle! We love you

Mandy said...

So true!