Monday, November 22, 2010

A Change of Perspective

It all started in Christmas 2007.

A friend had referred me to this sweet girl in Vilonia named Rebecca to have my family pictures taken. Her price could NOT be beat and her pictures of others took my breath away at times. So I loaded up my family and headed to Vilonia for our first of many sessions with her.

A few days later I get a "sneak peek" on e-mail. She said this picture stopped her in her tracks and she couldn't help but share it with me. It was this one:

To this day, not only is it my wallpaper on my work computer, but also thanks to a dear friend it hangs as the centerpiece on my family wall on a 16x20 canvas.

We try to visit Rebecca (when she isn't on sabbatical :-) at least twice a year. Yes, I take other folks pictures as a side job, but sometimes you just need the un-hassle of just stepping around to the other side and letting someone else do all of the work while you just be a family!

Plus, I love to see her perspective on my family, the venue for the pictures and her editing. My style may be very different, but I didn't ask her for my style. I asked her for HERs!

Over the years we have become great friends. She inspires me and encourages me in my photography and we have even done a rather large shoot together and just had the best time.

So this year, we wanted out of Conway. We both get very tired of shooting the same spots over and over so I had an idea. The Downtown River Market! She also asked if I would mind using her camera to take some pictures of them, and of course I would love to!

After a couple of hours walking and are a few of my favs!

I wouldn't stare too awful long at my hips if I were you. It can cause blindness and glaucoma. I've heard...

Makes me wanna ask for some fish n

This boy can lay on a stinkin rock and oooze cuteness! Where did this kid come from?!?!

Be still my ever lovin heart! I'm not prepared for this...

Is My Man hot or what?!?! Whew! Yes there are days he drives me insane, but then I see how stinkin cute he is and just love that mess of a man all over again.

They were probably arguing.

Our uncooperative little family photo LOL!

This photo makes my heart smile!

Ugh! They can stop this growing up mess. It's not good for my health AT ALL!

Let's compare, shall we?

Nevermind...let's not...

This us.

And I'm thankful she got it...


Tonia Ellen said...

These pictures are so awesome! Billie you have a beautiful family!

The Proctors said...

Those are awesome! Rebecca always does a wonderful job. It's nice to have someone to take your families pictures. You can relax and have a good time on the other side of the camera! Love all of those pictures!