Monday, November 29, 2010

Lofty Aspirations

It's no secret. I big heart My Girl. It's no secret that as a parent we love to brag on our kids from time to time. It's no secret that this is me included.

The other day on Facebook a few friends saw a video I had to post. (I have now posted the 2nd one here too.) My favorite part, however, happened a few days later.

While staying with my inlaws over Thanksgiving, we had a full house even at night. But that's the way we love it. Nothing is more important than family. One of my favorite of My Man's cousins was staying with us as well. We spent most of the first night catching up and crying and loving and snotting and laughing. During the course of the first 2 days this cousin asked My Baby Girl to sing her a song. She had heard about Baby Girls sweet voice and wanted to hear it herself because she needed it.

I'm pretty sure she was expecting something like Jesus Loves Me.

Instead, Baby Girl started with some "Amazing Grace, My Chains are Gone" which promptly sent the whole room into some tears as this song has helped my sweet cousin deal with the death of her mother a year ago. Then, Baby Girl continued with this:

And then her Daddy started singing and Baby Girl chimed in with some of this:

It was a wonderful night of singing and laughing and crying. Those of us sitting in that room that evening had SO MUCH to be thankful for. So much that many people don't even know why we were so thankful.

But forward to Saturday evening. The kids and I were home and Baby Boy was in bed. It was just Baby Girl and I sitting up and talking about the weekend. And her singing came up. She said to me, "Momma...I know I'm shy, but singing just wakes up something in me. Do you think when I get older I can still be a worship leader and even have a career at it?"

My response? can do anything you set your mind to that the Lord blesses.

So, she set out to write me a note. And this is what I recieved:

Title: Baby Girl's Corer (career)
1. Name (as in come up with the name for the band)
2. Gather money
3. Get friends and cousins (who might want to be in the band)
4. Get Career started (and when you might ask...)
3rd Grade
5. Get everything set and done
6. Clothes (every girl with a singing career needs clothes)
7. Find a director (hello? Aunt Becky!)
8. Get songs started (as in writing them)
9. First album out

To be continued...

Looks like I only have 1 year guys. I guess I gotta get started on my stage mom smile now...


Kelly said...

The both of you have a lot of work to do apparently! She's just the girl to be able to do it! Love her!

bec said...

Oh I am all over this!!! I'll get started on my part right away!!