Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Decorating the New House

When Baby Girl was 1 year old, My Man and I had a 'fancy' tree and decorations. We discussed spending the entire Christmas season saying "no-no" or let her enjoy all of the Christmas stuff.

For us, the fact that "no-no" was a part of our every day language it seemed like, we chose the latter option. We donated all of our stuff to our church and purchased a much smaller tree. Then we set out to make all of our decorations kid friendly. We found some gumdrop garland that we loved and went from there. All of our decorations were cutsie Christmas-y (except our manger scenes, save the one that they travel around the house with) but most importantly...everything was touchable!

When we began to discuss decorations for the new house, we realized we could have 2 completely separate rooms with completely different themes and I can get a little more grown up tree too!

So we bought the kids a prelit multicolored tree and gave them all of the old decorations to do how ever they wanted. My Man put the star up and the kiddos went to town. I think they did a GREAT job!

Then, in our living room we went very simple and in a lot of ways, earthy. It's comfortable and I love it!

I love, love LOVE that I have a Mantel to work with. I have more that I would like to do with all of this, but it'll come. For this Christmas, this is enough. Simple and pretty. We all got new stockins with initial pins on them all.

From here you can see both trees :-)

We wanted to go very earthy with this tree. My favorite thing, though is that Baby Girl says it looks like a monster lol!!!

Ok...tree skirts are REDICULOUS!!!! It made me nauseous to see how expensive any of the ones I remotely liked were. So, my mommy was staying with me this last week, so she offered to make me one. We found some fabrics and some pretty leather trim and she did a phenominal job.

and then...this lone word on the tree is my favorite.


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