Friday, November 19, 2010

Election 2011 (alternately titled: Behind Every Great Man is a Great Woman) w/Video

This conversation SERIOUSLY just happened on our way home tonight:

Baby Girl: Bubba...would you please not play video games during this campaign video I'm trying to make here!?!?!? us the loving brother please.

Baby Boy:
I'm busy!

BG: about show us the great leader?

BB: I'm busy!

BG: Bubba! You will never make class president like this! Now...tell the people what are your feelings on homework?

BB: (repeating his sister) I think the people should give less homework.

BG: Okay. Wonderful. What are your feelings about playground rules?

BB: (repeating his sister) It's either fun or safety. You can't have both!

BG: What are your choices of music for music class?

BB: (repeating his sister) Walk the Dinosaur, New Kids on the Block, Van Halen, and Contemporary Worship Music.

BG: Now, Bubba, how would you make school better?

BB: (repeating his sister) No homework. All kids can play videos whenever they want. All teachers can do whatever they want whenever they want.

So...upon arriving home and finishing up baths, Baby Girl informs me that she would like to make a campaign video herself. I tell her I'm gonna jump in the shower for a bit and she informs me: "Ok. I'm just gonna make a list that will help with our campaign video."


Seriously, ya'll...there are probably 30 topics of debate on the list. The top of the list says "The Fight for Kids". So, I become both videographer and debate coordinator. I chose just a few of what looked to be my favorite topics that I was waiting in anticipation to hear her campaign speech on.

And now...for your viewing pleasure...


Mandy said...

Awesome! By the way, we need to know what kind of bobby pins that you buy that won't shake out no matter how much you shake your head. We need to purchase these!

bec said...

I completely agree that New Kids On The Block is very essential to a child's upbringing! Preach it girl! Overstreet in 2011!!!

Alison said...

Well...I'm out...skinny jeans will just not work for me! LOL!

Can't wait for the next edition!

"I approve this message"