Monday, November 15, 2010

A Piece of Her Mind

That is exactly what the sheet of paper said last night.

"A pice of my mind. Things I am tierd of by Baby Girl."

She was having a rough couple of days. I watched it come on. Everything made her cry. So when she brought me this paper, I wasn't too surprised.

I read thru the list. Among it were things like:

Being Bolied (bullied)
Momma saying bad words (like stupid and crap when we aren't supposed to say those words)
Daddy and Bubba fiting (fighting) all the time

But the middle of a long list...crushed me. I almost didn't see it. Which is kind of ironic if you think about it.

It read: "Being invsobol" (invisible)

So we talked about it after Baby Boy went to bed.

She, thru tears, brought up every example where she feels she was looked over, ignored, or everyone was laughing at her brother who was stealing the spotlight that she could think of.

I just let her. She cried and cried and talked and talked and I hugged and hugged. I asked her if that was all she could think of and she agreed. So I sat and prayed for the right words and for God to somehow...supernaturally bring to my mind everything I needed right now.

"Sweet girl! Just a few hours ago...when you were practicing your song on stage with the piano...people were GUSHING over how they couldn't believe it was you up there. One even said 'just close your eyes and listen to how mature her voice is'. One even said 'she could help lead worship'. All eyes were on you and we were blown away!!! Then, do you remember just before church started when you were sitting with Grammie Tammy and ....etc, etc, etc."

I was able to point these times out and watch her countenance literally change right before my very eyes. She began to focus on what was life giving rather than what was life taking.

As she scooted up close to me in the bed last night (My Man is still deer hunting) and her breathing shallowed, I was so thankful for all of the great memories God brought to my mind.

For HER sake.

And I began to realize...I'm just like that sometimes! I would rather focus on how invisible I am because of this or that and then cry and waller in self pity over my plight in life. I shake in preparation for something coming toward the end of this week and cry or get angry wondering...has the Lord forsaken me?

But then, I have people in my life begin to pour into me. Remind me of His truth that His mercies are new EVERY morning and He will NEVER leave nor forsake me and that He has already gone before me.

And then, MY countenance changes and I am able to focus on the things that are life giving.

Like my Baby Girl who is so far from invisible and taught me a thing or two last night. I love you my little Mini Me.

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bec said...

I cannot wait to wrap my arms around that beautiful little girl and her beautiful mommy. I can't wait to tell them how amazing they are.