Thursday, December 23, 2010

Apparently 5 is the New 16 turn 5.

Or is it 16? I can't recall since that seems to be what you tell everyone you are turning today.

But my heart (and my body) seems to mostly remember that it's five.

And my heart demands a recount!

It can't be. I mean, I knew when we found out we were having you and the doctors said you would terminate on your own because there was no way (with my blood levels what they were) that you could continue to develop and yet you did...that you would be special. I mean, I knew when you came out not breathing and stone cold white and yet fought back and got the cutest pink color to you within just a few hours...that you would be special. And I knew when you laid on my bear chest...not saying a word...but just staring into my eyes...that you and me...we would be special!

I have watched you grow into the funniest little man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. You will do just about anything in the world (and I do mean anything) JUST to get someone to laugh at you. It's like you are a miniature Papa Joe. And I love it! Just when things get too serious or Momma is sad about something, you'll drop your drawers and moon me or come running saying, "OH! You need a kiss from your husband!" and kiss me HARD on the mouth like they do in the movies or you will lift up your shirt, place it under your chin and play the air guitar on your belly and stick your tongue way out like a band member of KISS or something!

Just ask anyone who knows you. A laugh at every stinkn turn!

Do you drive me insane? Daily!
Do you make your sister nuts? Daily!
Do you make your Bubba wanna pull his hair out? Daily!
Is your temper lava hot? Daily!
Do you get in trouble for just about everything? Daily!

But I wouldn't trade a moment or a trait of you for anything in this world! Because you see, Baby Boy...You are everything rolled into one full on/all boy package...wrapped up and placed in my arms 5 years ago today. I know we have some tough tough tough years ahead of us, but I also know that you'll do anything to protect your mommas heart and so I'm banking on that.

So let's lay off the 16, darling son. This heart can barely take 5 right now. For you see, it seems only a moment ago they were telling me you wouldn't live...then that you were a boy. And that day I would be THIS Momma's boy and daily wrap my heart so tightly around yourself that it has no clue where I end and you begin.

Happy Birthday, son! You were the best Christmas gift I've ever received.

Well...except for the barbie on a bike that you got me last year that "was exactly what I always wanted."

But ONLY 2nd to that.

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