Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas With Family

Every year with all events, we have the privilege of getting to do every major event with both sets of grandparents. I consider my children truly blessed with this. They don't learn at an early age that they could probably work this grandparent better than the other, but most importantly, they see that all of their grandparents can get along and love each other and love them all at the same time.

See, blessed!

And this Christmas was no exception. My mom and dad brought my Grandmother with them this year and I was so thankful. She is one of the most kindhearted and loving people I know and the fact that the kids get to literally play with their great-grandmother is amazing to me.

So everyone was at my house this past Friday night. We had enough to feed the entire block with some left over. Afterwards I got us all together for the obligatory family photo, only this our new house!

Then we all got to open our gifts. These 2 pics of the kids were my favs!

After an hour or so playing music and singing hymns with the family, they cleaned up and headed out. But as I lay in bed that night and thought of all of the people who have broken homes or have lost loved ones and how hard the holidays are/can be in those situations, I just praised God for His blessing on me with my family.

Merry Christmas!

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Mandy said...

Love both pics, but I'd say Belle is absolutely thrilled with her Zhu Zhu. What is it about those things. Kelsey got a couple that she has already opened and she has played and played with them! lol!