Monday, January 31, 2011

StreamOfConsciousness, Take 2

My Baby was sick. Very sick. My Baby is better. Very much so better! None of the rest of us caught it. I couldn't have asked for better. I really like my nail polish. A lot. I wished every day felt like the weather this past weekend. My flip flops and capris pants would be permanently adhered to my body. Maybe then the pants would stay up! I told My Man it felt like the first 2 days of our last Disney World trip. It's time for another trip to Disney World. Oh, how I have missed that place. Why are people so stinkin' fake? Why can't everyone just love each other enough to be honest with one another? You can only keep your facade up for so long. Facebook comments and blogs and whatever else means that are used don't tell the real story. Lives do. I'm sad that I finally found my missing the over and beat to a pulp. RIP pretty copper earrings. It may be strange, but my brain feels fresh after the following things happen: my house is cleaned (Thursday), my dog is cleaned (Friday), and my car is cleaned inside and out (Saturday). I'm sure I can find something else to make it crazy shortly. Wait, I think it just did. Typical. Sunday we all stayed home to make sure no one was carrying anything else. That made 2 days straight that I didn't do my hair nor did I do my makeup ( I did bathe for those of you wondering). It stayed under a hat both days and I loved it! The poor folks who saw me out places might disagree with that statement. Might wanna check with them. I think I just need an solid hour to unload. The End.

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