Monday, January 24, 2011

We Have 67 Years to Work on This

We have a girl at church who is getting married in a few months. Then...During "Girls Night Out" last weekend, Baby Girl heard us talking to my oldest about planning her wedding. She was also a huge part of Tammy and I planning a wedding back in June.

Fast Forward to Sunday morning.

Baby Girl wakes up, eats breakfast and gets ready for church. Then, she disappears. I find her in her room working in her journal. She won't let me see, but says she will when she needs my help. She then puts it in her zipped up jacket and heads to the car. She works tediously all the way to church and then again on the way to lunch (Mmmm...Due Amiche!) and then headed home. She works on it again to/from evening church. I came home and made everyone some supper and after it was all done I hear her from her bedroom....

"Moooooooommmmmm! Can you come help me?"

I head back that way and pile up in her bed with her. I see her journal hidden under a blanket while she says, "Now listen. I know you are going to think I'm crazy, but I want you to hear me out. And then I will need your help."

This is what she hands me that she has been working on through the day on and off:


First of all, my OCD mind and heart goes just a little pitter patter. I mean, remember this post from the other day? What is this? My offspring that I have birthed from loins has drawn a schematic of the layout of her wedding? I seriously couldn't be prouder. I mean, I'm about to burst at the seams here.

But then I child has just DRAWN OUT HER WEDDING AT THE AGE OF EIGHT!!!! While most of us at 8 were dreaming up what we wanted, she just put some pen to paper and got to documenting. Notice at the top left...that's a legend. Oh, yes. A legend. In case you can't tell what the flowers or the lady with the veil and train or the sand is. She's eager to make sure we all understand this.

How considerate.

Then, she turns to page #2 and the questions begin.

~What colors do you think I should do? This or that?
~What kind of bridesmaids dresses? Should I just let them pick out what they want?
~Should I wear just a sweatsuit or something and put on my dress at the church?
~Will you and Daddy both be ok walking me down the aisle?

And she proceeded to write it all down. So we don't forget.

I got some take aways from this:

1. I have passed "The Crazy" down to my kids.
2. I still ain't even shamed.
3. Sure hope the groom is good with brown, green and blue.
4. I have to hold onto this for 67 more years because My Man told her she can't put this into effect until she is 75.

Here's to hoping my walker looks good in brown, green or blue.

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Alison said...

WALKER??? This makes you what...100 years old...I imagine you more on a Jazzy!