Thursday, February 10, 2011

Family Night #40

Day #2 shut in = Family Night #40

And when the temperature this morning at my house was 2 degrees, what better family night to have than a Beach Party, baby!!! And our babysitter came to join in the festivities since she was staying the night with us.

We cranked up the heat, put on our beach attire, slathered on some sunscreen, turned on the beach music and got our surf on!!!!!

My Man even assisted with some sea spray (aka squirt bottle). They were squealing with every squirt!

We had a crab walk race and a beach attire relay...

And what would a beach party be without...


After some entertainment from the peanut gallery...

(I promise there was nothing illegal in the drinks)

We wrapped the evening up by making peanut butter rice krispie treats and let the kids shape theirs into anything to do with the beach. Olivia did a fish, Baby Boy did a clam and Baby Girl did a palm tree. Boy was it messy, but boy was it FUN!

It did these shut in hearts good to pretend even for just a few hours that it was 82 degrees and our toes were in the water with sand in way too many places!

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Lori said...

Ok. When I live closer to you (because I will someday), we are coming over. Your shut in day was a lot more fun than mine!!!!