Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Family Night Edition #39

I cannot believe it has been just 1 month shy of a year since we have done an official Family Night. I mean, we have done extravagant birthday parties which are just enlarged family nights and we have done things on a smaller scale here and there. Shortly after the last one our house sold and the crazy spiraled out of control from there. So now it's catch-up time.

Yesterday I was at work thinking about what am I going to do for at least 2 solid days home bound with the crazy snow headed our way. So, I threw together 2 family nights!

My Man had to go into work for a few hours this morning, but came home rather quickly. We waited around for the snow to get deeper and deeper. We did laundry and got supper ready for the night (Lemon/green bean chicken and twice baked potatoes) and waited for My Man to come home. Then after a quick nap, we headed out for round 2 of the Sled-y 500. Guess what? When 8 inches of snow packs down after a few sled rides down the hill, you can break mach 3 and skid into the street. Trust me.

Since usually My Man can't be with us during the Snowcolypses, this is our first family photo this year. Doesn't Baby Girl look THRILLED??!?

And since I'm usually the one behind the lens I never get pics with my babies.

This time I got both!

After we froze to the core and came in we put the kids were in the shower and while I was finishing up supper, I gathered my quickly thrown together "Show Me Some Love" Family Night. We were going to have to do Valentine's boxes and Valentine's cards this weekend, so I worked our FN around that.

First we played "Guess How Much Love" was in the jar. Baby Girl guessed 110. Baby Boy guessed (with the help of My Man) 125. Think you know how many?

And then made candy necklaces!

From there we all talked about the things we love:
Baby Boy: Batman mask, Spiderman, these candy hearts, Mom & Daddy and Nikki (the Nikkon camera)
My Man: Billie Jo, my kids, God, chocolate (Belle piped in with 'that's an understatement') and our parents
Me: my family, God, where I live, Bubble gum ice cream and the beach
Baby Girl: My life, family, Sierra Mist, White Chocolate Lindor Truffles, Gussy and Slush and God

Then we played a riveting game of H-E-A-R-T. My Man won! Now...from here we drew names of the different family members. Then, we were off to transform into the family member we drew. I'll let the pics speak for themselves, but if you are a friend of mine on Facebook...there's videos. Of each of us. It's pure GOLD!

I'm Baby Boy. Note the cowboy boots, Super Y cape, Buzz Lightyear PJs, Cowboy hat, Twizzlers and sweettarts. Oh...and the blankets. Yes, the blankets.

Baby Boy got me. His sandals cracked my stuff up!!! And someone should really put him on What Not to Wear. That top needs a cami not a baseball tee and the skinny jean is out. The hat...FABULOUS and OF COURSE the red iPhone. He pegged me with that one.

My Man drew Baby Girl. Bless his heart. He's 6 feet tall and needed to find something to wear out of a mini closet. But he's sporting her always present pink zippie, kickin' glasses, tiny flip flops and...of course...a book...on mathematics.

Then there's Baby Girl. She's My Man. Even has a pen in her shirt. Awesome!

Then it was time to go on a hunt to find our blank valentines and fill them out for school. After those were done the kiddos decorated their 'mailboxes' for school.

What a fun night! We definitely showed each other the love.

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bec said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the brown hat! You look gorgeous in it!!!