Friday, February 4, 2011

Won't You be My Neighbor?

So here we are the the 3rd major round the Great SnowGate of Arkansas and let me first toss out there...our kids are going to be in school until exactly 2 days before the 2011-2012 school year starts. I'm glad to know I now don't have to plan for a baby sitter or any summer activities.

Additionally...I would like to restate what a friend posted on Facebook:

"Dear Global Warming: We get it. Now bring back El Nino."

Well said, Randy. Well said. I can handle rain. I can't handle the "Stupid" that is drivers who panic at the first sign of anything white, whether it be snow, sleet or a down bird feather.

But I digress.

The kids got sent home again today at 11:00. My Man collected the offspring while I made my way thru said "crazy" on my way home from work. And while I cannot at all complain that my normal 45 minute trek home took only a mere hour and a half (compared to the hourS myself and my carpooler figured on), I Can complain that "PEOPLE! IT IS LIGHT SNOW AND NOT 15 FEET OF ICE. PLEASE. DRIVE. FORWARD. AND. STOP. SWERVING!!!"

There. That feels better.

The kids ate their lunches, My Man went back off to earn more bacon, the short boy headed to his room for a nap while my firstborn and I snuggled in together to watch quite possibly the biggest cryfest movie I've watched in a while (watch Hallmark's 'The Lost Valentine' if you need a great movie and an awesome cry all while enjoying the comedic stylings of Betty White). We let the short kid sleep for just a bit before we began to plot our sledding trek.

Then, it was time:

And this makes me want to kiss his face off!!!

Can you tell she is thoroughly enjoying this?!?!?

Then my neighbor pulled up the driveway. need to understand that my kids LOVE Mr. Ken. Usually if they are outside planing and he comes home they take it upon themselves to go visit him or his wife or his dogs and talk about all the various and sundry things of the day. He pulled up and next thing I knew My Boy was over in his driveway...

...and they carried on conversations like 2 little old men.


"Well yes, IS really cold out here."
"Well...yes...the snow really did come down hard."
"Well...yes I guess we will get wet the longer we stay out here."
"Yes sir. It is a mighty fine day today."

My son. The 78 year old in a 5 year old's body.

Who can still sled like a madman!

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