Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Her Heart

I wanted to make sure My Baby Girl has this to one day cherish.

She got her 1st letter back Monday from Nakatudde, our child in Uganda. Her letter was precious. Of course, it's written by the translator, but just to get more insight into her daily life and things that are her favorites was a blessing. I wrote her a letter back as a side letter, but since My Baby Girl is her actual "sponsor", she grabbed the stationary and excitedly began to write and draw pictures for her. We didn't help her at all (as evidenced by the spellings) but boy did she bless my heart when I read it.

"My favorite Bible story is Jesus' birth. My favorite color is pink. My favorite song is 'Amazing Grace'. I'm 8. I have been saved. I pray for you every night. Me and my family are so excited to have you."

Well said, Baby Girl. Well said.

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