Monday, August 15, 2011

And I Didn't Even Cry

If you can believe it!

Even though I just took my last baby to start Kindergarten, I couldn't cry. Why? Because I was so stinkin proud of both of my kids!

They. Were. PUMPED!!! And completely guiddy to go. See...

Let's rewind a little bit to last night. I walked into the bathroom to find this...

He had to make sure everything was JUST right for the chicks.

Shortly after we began to get excitedly ready for bed.

We got our backpacks ready...

From there it was getting our lunches ready...

But most importantly, Daddy did his Daddy thing. He prayed over the kids.

Such a good Daddy.

Then, sleepy time. A few hours later, one excited Mommy and Daddy got up and got all ready for the day ourselves. And it was then time to head in and wake our kiddos up! We started with the 3rd Grader...

See her peeping out from one eye? She was excited, but still did NOT wanna wake up.

Shortly after this pic, he BOUNDED out of the bed!

For those of you who know this Belt, know what a joy this is for him to get to put this belt on.

While I worked on getting kids up and around, My Man made them a yummy breakfast of pancakes and eggs. YUMMO!

Time for our standard pictures!

My Big Kindergartner. Does he look the least bit excited at all? I picked out the outfit, but I picked my battles on the boots. When we got to school Mr. Pennington even asked if it was gonna rain today. He responded with "Nope!"

When did My Girl become a 3rd Grader?!?!?

Time to load up and head out. Vilonia Primary, here we come!!!

Finding his spot to hang his backpack.

Here he is with "The Greatest Teacher Ever!" Mrs. Newsom. I'm not sure she has any clue what is about to hit her...

Playing with playdoh while getting to know some neighbors (girl of course!) We all gave our kisses and hugs and headed off to take My Girl to her class. He was tickled pink even as we left.

My Girl ran into her BFF Sophie on the way to class!

With her amazing teacher, Ms. Roberts! I have a feeling this year is going to make up for the issues we had last year by leaps and bounds. I already LOVE Ms. Roberts. did she grow up so fast?

She absolutely melts my heart...

So...we did it.
Both big kids dropped off at their respective classes. CHECK!
Both big kids PUMPED and enjoying class already. CHECK!
Momma and Daddy BOTH with dry eyes. CHECK!
Time to go.
Well played.
We did it.
No sweat.

But not before I stop back by and make sure that boy of mine was still rockin'...

And he was.
Look at him there...holding my heart.
Bring it back this afternoon buddy.

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