Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Man. No You Can't Have Him.

It's definitely been one crazy ride for me recently.

Friday had been on the books for about 2 weeks. I can remember calling My Man as I left the doctors office and was shaking in my boots and cried to him that "I'm scared". But that night I put out the call to friends and family for prayer. And while the days leading up to it were still anxious and I still had butterflies, I had peace. I could remember laying in the pre-op room with leads on and my iv already in...staring at the ceiling and waiting on My Man to be brought back to see me. And strangely enough...I felt...nothing. It was as if everything in the world was right and calm. My Man came back and made me smile and loved me and laughed with me.

All was right.

And then they gave me my loopy medicine and I can remember cracking jokes with my nurse from Ireland and my anesthesia nurse. I actually told him he has two goals for the day. #1...knock my butt out and #2...make sure I wake up! I wasn't asking for much. Typical me.

Anyway...that's not what this post is about.

The outpouring of love in phone calls, notes, facebook messages, and just all around sweet words of encouragement from y'all has been amazing. You have brought food and desserts and taken care of anything we might have needed even if we didn't know we needed it. I have been truly blessed with amazing friends and family! Even my kids! My Boy tried his best to do little things he thought would help. My Girl let her thoughtfulness shine as much as she could each and every day. I have some amazing kids.

But...I need to give some mad props to that Man of Mine.

I get compliments all the time on him about how attentive and affectionate and how amazing of a husband and father he is. I usually chalk it up to something along the lines of "Oh please! Don't swell his head anymore than it already is!" And we all have a good laugh. But deep down, I know all of the compliments I receive about that Man are true. I'm one lucky gal!

And there have been many many many times in our 13 years of marriage that he has amazed me. During our 4 miscarriages. During the births and especially the first few weeks of our 2 beautiful kids' lives. When I had blood poisoning. The times I have had my heart shattered into a million pieces by "family". I could literally sit here for hours and tell you stories that would blow your mind about My quiet, shy and introverted Man.

He did not disappoint thru this either. He was one solid backbone when I need him to be the most. He was amazing...calm...loving...encouraging...supportive...all before I was even wheeled away on that bed. He held me while I cried in pain. He rushed to my side at every whimper. During the first night I would literally scream in pain to even get up and walk to the bathroom. He had to carry tears himself. I couldn't ask for better.

Something that will forever stick in my head: He walked in the door when we got home from Baptist and after getting me settled he kicked in gear and did everything that normally I would do when the kids come home from school. He worked and ran and gave baths and cooked for our family reunion the next day and cleaned and you name it he did it. All while running back and forth to me as I needed him. At 11:15 that night he plopped down on the couch with a loud sigh and I smirked and said, "It sucks to be me doesn't it?" We shared a sweet laugh, but I meant it.

You see...He didn't just do what HE thought needed to be done. What was enough to get us thru to the next day.

He did what he knew would keep me from worrying or thinking about things that I would be doing if I could.

And THAT my one amazing man.


Dave said...

I love you!

bec said...

Love him...Love, love, love.