Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Such a Chore

My kids have done chores forever.

They have to make their beds every morning, period. Doesn't have to be perfect, but part of getting up and getting ready for school is to make their beds. They also have to pick up their OWN stuff by the end of the night. My Girl has been helping with laundry for quite some time. My Boy feeds the dog every now and then. Either of them help with supper (usually fight over who will) every night.

But I had been thinking for quite some time that is was about time for some organized chores. I've never been a fan of the chore chart, though. And then I saw a friends blog about setting up chore cards for her boy every morning. Fabulous!

Now, I don't believe that my kids should be rewarded for doing things around the house. I think they should learn to be responsible adults and this is just the beginning stages of that.

So, we started this last week.

I randomly pick 2 chores each for them. They have to complete their chores WITHOUT COMPLAINING before they can do anything fun including TV. Their chores are relatively simple:

Others include sacking all the trash in the house or cooking supper or dusting 2 rooms or a random chore where they can pick anything to do. If they do it all week, they get to do their favorite thing on the weekends...have a sleepover in My Girl's room. It actually tickles me that they love this so much. They pile all their snuggly animals and blankets up in her bed, put on their sleeping masks and giggle till they either fall asleep or get told LIGHTS OUT!

But from there we have bonus chores. These are chores that take a little more effort. Like working in the yard with Daddy. Or cleaning their own bathroom. These don't come up very often. My Man and I decide when to pull these cards. If they complete the chore, they get $5 to spend however they would like after they tithe.

They haven't got to do a bonus chore yet (they don't know it but they get to do one tonight) but they actually now walk in the door and want to know what their chores are for the day. Who knew?

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