Saturday, September 3, 2011

Apparently We Were a Little Ready for Some Football

We were obviously a tad bit excited this weekend to just have football back in our lives. It started Thursday night when My Man turned on the teevee and lo and behold...FOOTBALL! I thought his heart was gonna give out. So it stayed on that same channel till we went to bed shortly before midnight.


Then Friday night, we loaded up and headed about 2 hours away to watch my niece cheer for our beloved Booneville Bearcats. They lost, but just getting back into some High School football stands and excitement...there's nothing like it! Looking forward to many more trips for some more adrenaline rushes!

But hopefully ones that don't put us getting home at midnight-thirty again.


So at noon today we started getting ready for tonight! We took the kids to the Hog Zone to get their face painted and pick up our face stickers. We got home and started putting together all of our football grub. A quick nap and headed to the McDonalds for our kickoff watch party!!!!

Lurrrveeee these folks!

Some summer sausage, cheese and crackers. And of course...some deer jerky in the background.

Some YUMM-O Mexican Layered Dip!

We had a little extra side entertainment...

We tossed around the football...

And all around...had a CRAZY good time!

Thanks, Ryan and Shulana for a freaking awesome evening!!!

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