Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baby Girl's Maaaadddd Artistic Skills

Let me just say that obviously my Baby Girl is very observant.

And Baby Girl is a very good and DETAILED arti-ste!

And Baby Girl has a very good memory.

And sometimes, when all of this meshes together, this Momma laughs so hard she almost pees her pants.

"She said she liked it better than Pirates of Penzance." (Name that movie)

Case in point: Journal Entry from this week.

Allow me to interpret:

"My mom is just like my teacher. My mom is creative. She is 31. She is pretty. My mom has spikey red hair."

But observe the photos.

Photo #1: Me being creative and doing a Family Night
Photo #2: Me turning 30 at my fabulous McDonalds Surprise Birthday party
Photo #3: Me being pretty in a saucy poofed-sleeved green dress (that I don't own) and tall boots (that I do own and love) with a chandelier over my head (b'c I like to attend fancy balls in my tall boots)
Photo #4: Me...hands above my head...spiking my spikey hair

I know y'all are jealous.


Andrea said...

OH OHOH OH OHOH.....Pretty Woman...that's the movie!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!

Billie said...

You are right!

I actually had a crazy person call me this morning and he said "Pretty Woman" and I said "Thank You!"

Until I realized he meant the movie...

Andrea said...


bec said...

Wow, now that's an AR-TEEST!! Fabu! Oh, and "Mine are broke...mine are broken"