Monday, September 26, 2011

It Really Was One Maaaaaad Party!

Ever since my kids' first birthday, we have never bought them a gift. Now, calm down. Don't think us horrible parents. At least, not yet!

You see...I can only remember one birthday party from when I was a kid. And it's because my aunt planned it. I was 4. It was a Strawberry Shortcake party at the skating rink. I can still remember every one who was there, my Buster Brown hair cut and watching my birth mother fall and break her arm while skating backwards to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'.

Maybe that's why it's the only one I remember...hmmmm...

Anyway, I always said that I wanted to do my kids (as long as they would let me) birthday parties that they would remember for the rest of their lives! I always wanted to do something THEY were interested in at that time and invite everyone that THEY wanted to come. After's THEIR parties, not mine.

And thus, the "Here's Your Birthday Party as Our Gift" parties began.

Her first year was just "Come See How I've Grown".
2nd ~ JoJo's Circus
3rd ~ Knights and Princesses
4th ~ Luau
5th ~ Gymnastics
6th ~ Fashionista/Runway
7th ~ PJ/Slumber Party
8th ~ Travel Around the World

After her birthday party last year, she told me she already knew what she wanted for her 9th party. She wanted a Science party! I'm telling you, that kid thrives on anything scientific.

She did NOT get that from me!

So, as the day got closer, and I asked each time, she was more and more adamant that she wanted her very own science party. So, a Mad Science party is EXACTLY what she got!

Complete with a Mad Scientist family...

Welcome to our lab!

As each scientist entered the lab, they had to stop at the Scientist Check-In. Here they each got fingerprinted and retinal scanned (a glow stick passed over their eyes) to see if they passed for clearance. As each one was cleared (shout out to Lab Assistant Alison for helping check scientists in), the software on my computer would speak in a woman's automated/electronic voice saying:

"Dr. Isabella Overstreet (or which ever scientist was there) is cleared and approved for experiments. You are free to enter the laboratory. Do not blow anything up."

After being cleared, each scientist was instructed to find their gear. Each kid had a lab apron with their Dr. Name on it, a set of goggles and a collection bag with their Dr. Name on it. Each bag contained their Dr. moustache to put on and a pair of gloves.

From there, we headed to the Lab Cafeteria for some Moon Crater Pie (Pizza Hut), some Molecule Balls (cheese balls), Perfect Potion (green punch with dry ice in it) and H2O bottles.

Figure that one out on your own :-)

Yeah! All the Scientists, Professors (My Man and I) and Lab Assistants (Alison, my Mother and David's Mother) are ready to go!!!!

Here were where all of our experiments were awaiting us. Our 12 Scientists teamed up to build bridges out of marshmallows and toothpicks, they set off film canister rockets, they tested household items such as laundry soap, ammonia, tums, baking soda, etc to see if they were scientifically acids or bases (by using purple cabbage juice) and they got a chance to 'play' with a Non-Newtonian formula that is both a liquid and a solid at the same time.

And I have to be honest...even the parents were having a great time with some of these experiments. How could you not? There were almost 30 adults who were just a mesmerized as the little scientists themselves!

The Birthday Girl and Chief Dr ready to get this party started!!!

From there we headed inside to open presents...

Sing and eat cake...

And drink some smoking "perfect potion"!

All of this leading up to the Grande Finale! We have heard about it. We have seen YouTube videos. But it was time to do it ourselves.


GO! Yes, we did the Mentos and Diet Coke Gyser. 4 times! It was definitely a crowd pleaser!!!

Well, Baby Girl...I'm glad you had such a wonderful time again! I could see the pride and over JOY in your eyes as you got to welcome all of your friends and friends' family onto YOUR turf and have them enjoy themselves so much.

I love you, my little nerd!

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Amanda said...

According to both my 8yr old and 13 yr old. It was the best birthday they've ever attended. Downfall, I am now going to have to get very creative myself or hire you for their next you rock mama