Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Celebrating a Little Late

Every year we push the celebration of My Boy's birthday into January.  See, his actual birthday is December 23rd so I like to wait about a month so that it doesn't just become a bleed of Christmas. 

If you want to take a walk down memory are birthdays past~
His first year was "Come See How I've Grown" (like his sisters)
2nd~Rounding 1st and Stealing 2nd Baseball
3rd~Jungle Safari
4th~Wild, Wild West
5th~Camping and Fishing
6th~They Call Me A Fireman

And for our 7th we are having a much anticipated "Jedi Training Academy"!  (AKA Star Wars)

Yup.  There's my little Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia with a jacked up version of Master Yoda. 

And Obi Won Kenobi joined us soon thereafter...

When we sent out the invites we let the "chosen" know that the Sith lords had discovered My Boy's force and presence and he needed their help to defeat the Sith.  That there was a Jedi training academy being masqueraded as his 7th Birthday Party and we needed their help!

Little did I know...22 Padawans would come to accept the challenge.  Woot!  I have cut out brown robes from felt for the boys and white ones for the girls.  Attached to their backs was a braided yarn "tail" since that's what all Padawans had.  With their Padawan stickers, they were ready to roll!

Everyone ate first.  We had "Pizza the Hut" pizza, Edible Ewoks (gummy bears), Light Sabers, Padawan Popcorn, Yoda Soda (green punch, green sherbet and sprite) and Speeder Fuel (cokes) at the Cantina.

 And check out the AWESOME cookies that my friend from Sugar Cubed made us!  Holy pajamas and WERE THEY GOOD!

From there we started the training.  We had thermal detonator training (hot potato to the some kickin star wars music I downloaded).  From there we did some Wookie Training where we practiced our bow and arrow skills at the photos of the Sith lords.  We wrapped it up by attacking the Imperial Ship with our nerf guns.  With 22 Padawans...whew!!!!

Then we took a training break to do PRESENTS!!!!!

Part of My Boy's present was getting to have his Aunt Becky and Uncle Matty here!

After he opened all of the "Contraband"...

It was time to sing happy birthday to my baby boy!  Errrr...Jedi.

After all of the festivities were over it was time for the knighting ceremony.  Each Padawan was given a medal with their Jedi name on it, their goody box, a light saber to keep (pool noodles cut in half and decorated) and their official certificate from the Jedi Council...

May the Force be with you always!!!!

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